Welcome to Avvocloud: the Italian network of lawyers

Avvocloud is an Italian network of lawyers with the ambitious goal of modernizing the relation between clients and lawyers.

Our main tool is Avvocloud's online platform, connecting clients and lawyers and enabling their online interaction.

Why an online network of lawyers?

Avvocloud is an Italian network of lawyers with an online platform as web interface; its mission is to facilitate the first contact and the online interaction between clients and lawyers.

How does a network of lawyers look like, and why would they need one?

Lawyers work and interact with their clients through a law firm; we can look at the law firm as an interface and a contact point between clients and lawyers. If that's obviously not the only use for a law firm, it's certainly one of them and I'd say an important one as well.

However, as professional services are increasingly delivered online, the costs of running a physical space, like a law firm, are under close scrutiny.

The Covid pandemic brought this trend even further, forcing people to stay away from offices, work from home and rely as much as possible on the internet.

A new model of interaction

Given the growing relationship between technology and the legal profession, it's worth investigating how technology could boost the efficiency of the "law firm model", particularly when it comes to the interaction between lawyer and client.

Avvocloud wants to loosen a bit the "brick and mortar" boundaries of the law firm, sharing digital strategies and tools among lawyers, enabling them to be found by clients online and deliver legal services online whenever possible.

Avvocloud aims to achieve this by providing a common digital platform for lawyers, where they can find online communication tools and promote their legal skills, making them available to potential clients in search of a lawyer.

Why sharing?

We are now going to sum up the advantages of a shared platform for lawyers online.

1 - Marketing - size does matter

A fundamental aspect of any business, yet often overlooked in the legal industry.

By joining Avvocloud, the lawyer participates in a shared marketing strategy, particularly legal content marketing, having access to its dedicated tools; this makes it possible to benefit from resources usually too expensive to set up and run for a single lawyer or law firm.

Moreover, the effectiveness of this shared effort is directly proportional to the scale of the network.

2 - Reorganize the offer - user experience

A second goal is to present the legal skills of the lawyers in the network, making them accessible online to clients in search of a qualified lawyer.

Therefore: to make the offer of legal services easier to navigate, helping the client to easily find the most suitable lawyer for a particular legal case.

3 - Sharing online communication tools - win-win

Avvocloud's web platform provides online communication tools, allowing lawyers to deliver legal services online, bringing advantages for everybody:

  • the lawyer finds more efficient to manage meetings online whenever possible;
  • the client receives a faster and more practical service, also saving the hassle of commuting back and forth to law firms.

4 - Networking - last but not least

Sharing an extensive and well-structured network of lawyers aiming at a common goal, be it more visibility online or even the evolution of the legal profession: that is what fosters valuable professional relations.


For Avvocloud to accomplish its mission, some aspects are crucial:

  • provide a good user experience to both users and lawyers;
  • protect users' privacy;
  • build a healthy and thriving community of lawyers and, most importantly:
  • to make sure that all of this translates into an added value for the legal profession.

It's naive to think that it would be enough to offer a new product: if our goal is to play a role in the evolution of the legal profession, we need the active engagement of lawyers, ready to embrace the change and join our cause.

We know that our pursuit is not for everybody, as it requires the enthusiasm and maybe the courage to give up decades old (often broken) models and outdated ways of thinking.

To choose the opposite conservative approach instead is still possible: however, regardless of whether or not joining our initiative, the danger is to be left behind when the change, currently gaining momentum in the legal world, will have disrupted and changed the legal industry for good.

About Us:

Avvocloud's logo: a balance scale within a stylized cloudWe are an Italian network of lawyers passionate about law, innovation and technology. Feel free to reach out for any info: send message.

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